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Having been brought up in and around the wine industry, predominantly on the retail side, it was always a dream to have the opportunity to be involved in the production of a premium wine that would enhance the great joy of sitting around the table and sharing food and wine with family and friends. But it couldn't be just any wine - it NEEDED to be Barossa Shiraz. After all, this is what I was weaned on and I suspect many of you were as well. So 5 years ago, it was decided to take the plunge and get involved.

The past few years have seen a very exciting time for my family in that we can genuinely see how 'the other half live' in the sourcing of fruit, contracting of winemakers, consideration of oak regimes as well as packaging considerations. The brief was always to try and over deliver quality for the asking price and dabble in the weird and wonderful world of winemaking - not for the purpose of making oodles of money but initially as an ego trip and ultimately to continue the passion that landed us in the fine wine industry to begin with.

The 2004 JaJa Barossa is the inaugural vintage of this passionate journey identifying the best regions and sub-regions for the Shiraz grape. It is no coincidence that our first stop was in the brilliant Stonewell sub-district of Marananga in Australia’s famous Barossa Valley. It made sense that given the premium fruit we had on offer that we contract the winemaking services of Troy Kalleske, the brightest star of Barossa and a young gun that knows the area like the back of his hand.

The Werden family, owners of JaJa have a retail fine wine background so interestingly the shoe is well and truly on the other foot now. After years of wading through thousands of samples to consider for the purpose of retail sale, and years after initially sounding out Troy in this venture we are absolutely stoked with the result. And proud to show off the wares of Stonewell Shiraz, an illustration of what happens when you combine wonderful fruit with wonderful winemaking skills. Now just add the food, family and friends and enjoy JaJa

Bert Werden
March 2007

The name JaJa is actually an initialism of the then, four children of the JaJa Wine Company family, Jake, Andrew, Jordan and Alana Werden.